Funny jokes

what’s the difference between a nightwatchman and a butcher?

one stays a awake and another weighs a steak

what is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?

one sells watches and the other watches cells

by Stanley

Autumn Days

Birds Eeeking! At each other to communicate,

Water making a Ssss! Sound like a snake.

Cars going ZOOM! Like a cheetah

Lawn mower Russling! Against the grass.

The church bell going BANG!

Leaves CRACKLiNG when people walk on them.

Children going ahhhhhhh! As they learn and play.

By Liam

Autumn is here

CRUNCH! Went the twigs when being walked on,

BANG! Children jumping on leaves,

SNAP! Went the twigs coming of trees,

BUZZ! Went the lawn mower

DING DONG! Goes the door bell as trick or treaters come to the door

by Stanley

Autumn poem

CRUNCH! Leaves crumbling under food.

SWEECK! Birds singing in the Autumn.

BONG! Church bells ringing.

Trickle, trickle drains dripping.

Chilldren singing Autumn songs.


By Jacob


Cars going ZOOM!

mower mowing and going ZZZ!in the autumn breeze

water going DRIP! Making a pudall

birds gliding frow the wind going SQURK!

By Jake

In Autumn

Leaves go CRUNCH!

In the garden,

Birds go MUNCH!

In the garden,

Church bells go DING!DONG!

In the village,

Children dance SING!SONG!

In the village,


In the street,

Fireworks explode BOOM!BOOM!

In the street,

Children writing SCRATCHY!SCRATCH!

In the classroom,

Autumn is here WOOPY!WOOP!

By Katie

Autumn is here

crunch the leaves under foot ,

That sound like a burning fire

The church bell goes ding dong,

Its bigger than a liar ,

birds cherping in the trees ,

so join children singing loudly ,

and hear water running from a strea

So listen to Autumn with me


By Jaz

Autumn Falls

CRUNCH! went the leaves under my feet,

WHOOSH! went the zooming cars getting a treat.

DING! went the bell in the church,

BAA! went the sheep taking a purch.


DRIP! went the dripping water from the tap,

SCREECH! went the birds looking for a map while the babies sit on there mums lap.



By Ollie C



Leaves underfoot go boom! BOOM!BOOM!

Birds calling go ooh!AAR!CRAK!

Chicks cheering go cheep!CHWRP!BURP!

Church bells go ding!DONG!DANG!

Laughing children go ha!HA!HA!

by Kiera

Autumnal Extravaganza

Hallowe’en is near,

Dressed up as ghosts and witches,

“BOO” the ghost scares me


By Henry


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