Once there was a man who was a sleep.He woke up randomly.  His covers disappeared. Suddenly a toy spoke “LEAVE!” They he looked out of his window . There was a red balloon. He faints and falls in a secret passage way. Someone pulled him up  he’d found people. They were dressing as scary stuff. He called the police. They went to jail, So he happily went to sleep.  Suddenly, A toy spoke. Oh no man…

By Lewis

What happened that night ?

One spooky night, I was left alone in the colossal house

That night mum and dad didn’t come back,

Their limo crashed with a huge tanker,

The way I found out was by watching the news.

That night something really strange happened,

The floor boards in mum and dad’s room fell to pieces.

 I went to see what happened, there was a huge basement, and there were two people down there …

It was mum and dad but how did they get there mum and dad got mugged

Everything they had that night was stolen,

But they got in by using the secret passage I built when I was younger,

Mum gave me a hug dad whispered, “Been practising your CR7 skills.”

And that is my terrifying night.





By Ollie C


One day…

One day

One misty foggy day there was as an ugly boy walking home. And on the way back he heard an ice cream van. So with lots of excitement Bobby quickly crawled along the bumpy crumbling pavement until…

They got there, bobby asked
“what’s the cheapest you’ve got?” Whispered Bobby.
“ I don’t know” , the owner of the ice cream van looked different
“well let’s just keep it like that!”
“take it and go!” Shouted the man in the van. But when Bobby looked at the ice cream it looked very strange. But Bobby didn’t care so he curiously licked it and then.

By Oliver P

The Were-Mouse


Once there was a boy called Freddie (he was only six) Freddie’s best friend was a cute mouse he was named Stuart. Freddie loved Stuart not as a pet, but as a friend. One sunny day Stuart planned an escape Stuart ran out of his mouse hole then started scurrying to the front door he crawled through the letter box and  then made his way to the beginning of the road then he managed to get of the road and find a bush then he was gone he was in the bush then right in front of his eyes was a real forest.


 When Freddie finished his lunch he noticed Stuart was not in his mouse hole Freddie screamed AAAHHH Freddie checked the living room Stuart was not there Freddie again screamed AAAAHHHH Freddie screamed even louder this time Freddie checked every room in the house but Stuart was not there Freddie’s mum was getting an ear ache from all the screaming. The reason Stuart ran away was because he did not have any friends of his own kind as Stuart walked through the forest he entered the darkest bit of the forest, as Stuart was wondering around he saw a pack of big ,black fury rats the rats were circling Stuart was wondering if this is how they greeted mice in the forest a rat entered the circle and bit Stuarts neck Stuart instantly fell to the ground


It was three hours later  when Stuart recovered but Stuart felt a bit tingly then a few seconds afterwards he started transforming into a beast his body grew his eyes turned into gigantic red bowling balls his tail turned into a snake his fur turned black Stuart was now a were mouse and the first thing Stuart wanted to do was plan revenge on Freddie…


By Stanley

The sea monster

The sea monster

Once there was a young boy. He was going to the beach, where there was a boat ride. So he jumped into the car, and they drove off to the beach. They parked near the boat ride, but the sign said “Next boat ride at 4 O’clock,” It was only halve past three. So they got an ice cream. There boat ride was reedy. They were the last people on. The boat started, it didn’t go very quick. When they had only 30 minutes left they saw a dark figer in the sea. They thought it was the sea monster. But it wasn’t. IT WAS JAWS! CHOMP!

 By Samuel

The Cellar

The Cellar


It was Halloween! Lily’s parents had gone crazy this Halloween and had decided to make their house into a haunted one. But what they didn’t know is that their house didn’t need fake ghosts. It didn’t need scary music because lily’s house was shared with a real live ghost! You see, when Lily’s family had bought the rundown house, they had bought it from an old, lonely lady. A widower. She had been married once before, but her husband had died in a tragic way. On the morning after Halloween the ancient lady had woken up and saw a bony, disgusting skull with blood covering it on her husband’s pillow. So now the ghost of the lady’s husband still haunts the cellar of Lily’s home. And Lily is the only one (apart from the old lady) who knows about the ghost. To this day that ghost comes out of hiding and guards the cellar door. So when Lily’s mum asked her to go to the cellar and grab some chairs she cautiously crept into the cellar, grabbed the chairs and raced back up the stairs. She plonked the chairs in the hallway and reached out to shut the door but it was already closed.

It was Halloween.


By Milly

Do you know what lurks under your bed?

I am going to tell you a tale about some one you may know. They sit up and look around .they had a night-mare .they turn over and try to go back to sleep. They can’t. They lay awake. They look at the time. It is 10:15pm. They adventure down stairs to their parents. They tell their parents about the bad dream. Their mum comes up and tucks them back into bed. They finally go to sleep after their mum tells them about a child who finds a magic box under their bed. BEEP! They sit up and look at the alarm. That’s odd. It was 11:59pm. They turn on the lamp and lay awake again. As soon as the clock struck twelve they heard a noise under the bed. They got out of bed and looked under where they found a big magic box. Without thinking they grabbed the box. Suddenly it vanished. They ran to their parents but they are not in the house. They had gone too! They saw another box but instead of grabbing it they got in bed and fell asleep. The next morning the box was still there but they didn’t wake up. That person was YOU!

by Kiera

suspense stories by brandon

 A collection of stories by Brandon Smith


The little boy was helping his dad to fix the car.

His father goes away for a few minutes.

The little boy pulls a wire and there’s a fire.

Suddenly the flames hit him …


A little boy was cycling home through the woods.

Suddenly lightning strikes falling trees everywhere.

Dodge the first and the second but not the third.

The boy is gliding through the sky.

He goes Head first into a mole hole.

Lightning strikes again.

sizzle! sizzle!

A little boy,

Messing with a mechanical toy,

Pulls a wire,

And there’s a fire.

The School Trip

There were a number of children on a bus. They were heading to Hooke Court. But the short road was blocked by a falling tree. So, they had to go the long way. The road was sinister and nobody was walking down it. They saw a bus coming to them . “Hello” whispered a voice. The teacher said to the driver “That’s strange, that bus is my dads”.

“But the trouble is he is dead now”. In as quick as a flash they were never seen again so, never talk to strangers or death will come to you…

By Poppy

Scream (my short suspense story)

I peered inside the cupboard, I was left alone in this strange, creepy house. The cupboard was battered and empty, so I walked across the cracked floorboards towards an open door which led to the living room. But then I realized it was the DEAD room. Ghosts wafted and bugs crawled and scuttled. I ran as fast as my legs would and mounted the split staircase and darted up to what looked like a child’s nursery. A rocking horse rocked. I tried to run. I couldn’t. I tried to scream. I couldn’t. Then I was gone. STAY AWAY.

By Henry


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