My autobiagraphy by Kiera

My autobiography
WARNING: Names have been changed to protect identity! All names are fake and I mean ALL!!!

That morning I woke up and went down stairs not knowing that I was in for a big shock. I could have only been 4 but that was the day I met my step dad. My dad had left when I was about 2 so this was a big a surprise. I had lived with my Nan when my lovely but yet annoying sister Margaret who is 3 years younger than me was borne because my dad still lived in my house so any way I went down stairs and opened the kitchen door and there were 2 dogs. I was so confused I called for my mum and this man came running down the stairs. Apparently they where his dogs and he became my dad Gordon. A couple years later they got married wich was probably the best day of my life because I was chief flower girl. Me and Margaret had while and red dresses with our hair in a French Platt which the hair dresser did.

Then when the were married my little brother Simon who is 6 years younger than me was borne we moved to somerset. I love my house because it is an old farm house in the middle of a fild I love it! Then when the time came I stepped in the school gates on my first day for school here age 7 I met Rose who is now one of my BFFS along with Chloe and Lily.

Then my little sister Poppy who is 10 years younger than me was borne. I absolutely love them all but I must admit Poppy is so cute!

Then we had Music Spectacular which I danced with Chloe and some other people and LOVED IT!!! Especially playing truth or dare… we danced to When will I see you again? By Owl City. One of my favourite songs.

So I hope you have learnt a lot about me!


Emilys auto-biography

I was born in Yeovil hospital on September 2005. My parents were called Taylor Swift and Rowley Jefferson. My name was Emily Swift until my beautiful mum and cool dad got married and then I turned Emily Jefferson.I was the second child because my brother Bruno. 3 years later I had a little sister called Jade.v (I was so happy :)

By Emily

Some of the names have been changed to keep them to them selves …


Tyler’s auto biography

January 2016 my brothers birthday it wasn’t so good at the start I felt sloppy because I was tired and Olly Murs my brother woke me up. We had breakfast I had a really scrumylicious breakfast called krave. Then i watched my big screen tv.

by Tyler

My Autobiography.

My Autobiography

(Be warned: ALL names HAVE been changed for the privacy and identity of the people.)


I remember so vividly my first day of school. I walked in, feeling anxious, but eager. We all had names on. (All the receptionists!) We all had a name tag on, saying our  name. I walked inside, shaking, but soon met Lilly, who I thought was kind, and she was equally as nervous! We hung up our coats and bags, and sat on the carpet. Lilly, then introduced me to Izzy, who I also thought was very kind, and we soon became close. We were very excited for the months, and years ahead.


I was so shaky and full of dread when my brother, Kai trapped my thumb in the car door. He got out of the car, and I was climbing out carefully. My hand was on the side of the shiny car, with my thumb hanging out. Kai SLAMMED the door and I was so angry! My thumb was still in the car! I remember I had to go to the hospital. The nurse mad me push big and small buttons with my bruised thumb to see if it hurted!



One of my most exciting memories was my amazing aunt, Olivia, getting married. I was chief bridesmaid because my mum said ‘Let Georgia be chief bridesmaid because she has never been one before!’

By Georgia

My Autobiography

Being Born

Waah that’s the first thing my parents heard. My dad was the first person to hold me. I don’t know much about my amazing birth but my mum said that my siblings were really excited. I am the youngest child of my family.

Getting my dog

I was so ecstatic about getting my first and only dog. I was about 4 at the time so I don’t remember much but I remember the main things. I remember when I went to a huge farm and there were a big litter of chocolate Labradors.

Please comment on your earliest memories …

By Poppy

Miss Mills.

Hello Miss Mills. It’s Georgia. We haven’t seen you in ages!!! How are you getting on in your new school? Can you visit our school soon?? I am in Year 6 now. Bye!!

By Georgia

Read this








By Stephen

World Book Day!!

For World Book Day, me and a couple of friends (3) friends, tried to contact Jonathan Meres. He wrote the World Of Norm books. Please read them, they are hilarious! But read them only if you are 10+, as they are quite mature! I emailed him , and looked at his website! If you want to have a look at his website, search Jonathan Meres on the Internet. If that doesn’t work, click on this link!!!

By Georgia 😋

Last Saturday

last Saturday I played my first football match for a team I played in goal for Pen Mill Panthers and we won 5:1 YAY⚽️


By Jake


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