What I did at the weekend.

On Saturday I went to the cinema and I watched Nativity 3 , Dude where is my donkey?

It was really good.

I really enjoyed it.

There was a few sad bits but it was quite funny as well. I didn’t like it, I  loved  it !!!

By Georgia

What’s you’re favourite kind of dog?

mine is a chwawa cros terryo whats you’res


If dragons had birthdays

If Dragons had birthdays it would be strange

but they don’t have birthdays because they aren’t real and you are safe for now


By Jaz

East Coker U11 v Lyde U11

On Saturday the 22nd of November East Coker U11 played Lyde U11 and we won 7-1 and Henry got man of the match.




By Ollie C

I’m the daily star woooo I should stop now 3

Yeah so Indigo here are you bored of that title probably. So I’m the daily star probably because I’m a good boy *facepalm*  the date is 17.11.14 anyway the cake is a lie I mean keep watching the skys I mean goodbye thats the badger so bye


Bye Indigo

what is your favorite type of chocolate bar

Please comment on what your favorite chocolate bar is

Helping our community.

A couple of weeks ago we started something called Christian Citizenship and I’m in the Caring community group. Last week we helped the Twine Works measure some twine, hammer some nails in to the tool which they wrap around the twine and give our teacher a tour around the Twine Works.  If you don’t know what the Twine Works is, it is a place where they use twine for the sails on the ships and use it for holding stuff together.  We used the twine machine to make the latest twine since your parents were born !  The people who own the Twine Works were nice enough to let us help them. I’m sure we all had a very fun and nice time at the Twine Works. And we really feel like were making a difference to our community.  


By Joe. 

The Twine works

when we go to the twine works it is really awesome. We get to hammer in nails and also make real twine. West coker school made the first bit if twine in 50 years a couple of weeks ago and we get to use real machines. It is really  really really amazing.

 this is what the twine works looks like

Caring community/Twine Works

Last Friday we went to the twine works and I made a big ball of twine well the twine was already made I made the ball part it was actually pretty big i’m talking the machine that made the ball of twine we had to make it work of course its a machine from about one hundred years ago it wouldn’t work now would it.


By Stanley


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