cute and funny animals

Here are some cute and funny animals.




1. cute and funny animals


 cute and funny animals2.


3. cute and funny animals



4. cute and funny animals


5. cute and funny animals


6. cute and funny animals


7. cute and funny animals


8. cute and funny animals


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by Poppy

Centre Parcs

It is nearly time to go to Centre Parcs with all my family when we get there we are going to go swimming straight away and go down the slides and rapids I can`t wait, and there is a sweet shop as well, where I will get some pic and mix . We are also going to play some family badminton and there is so much more. Hope all the year sixes are doing well and I hope you have all had a good holiday at West Coker


by Poppy



by Katie

in brussles in belgium

Cant believe I’m in Belgium right now, having a lovely time staying at a funky hotel typing on a computer and having fun along the way I’ve met new people and made friends hopefully the rest of my holiday will be as fun hoping everyone is enjoying there self
By Pondy P.S wishing you all the best at west coker

Leaving West Coker

Leaving West Coker is going to be hard especially because I have made some amazing friends. Even though I have fallen out with them many times I am still going to miss them lots. At secondary school I will make lots of new friends (hopefully.) So this might be my last post just to tell you what I might be up to next year. Bye!

By Katie

the year sixes are leaving

the year sixes are leaving tomorrow wwwwwwaaaaaaa

Our End Of Year Play

This time, we did the Peace is based on two completely different tribes-  The Wannakeekees, a calm and nature based tribe. And The Sotongis, a sport loving tribe. The two tribes practically HATE each other. War is at bay, until a TV  Crew come along. They start building a bridge and war comes along- until something unexpected happens. The firstborn son of the Wannakeekee’s  chief is given as a Peace Child.  Plus, the reporter from the TV crew falls in a river and gets snatched by a crocodile! Peace is within sight and everything – and everyone live happily ever after.

Personally, I think there should be a Peace Child 2 put out where you see how the tribes get on , and if anything like a wedding happens, and you could see how the TV crew are getting on, (especially the reporter!). And there could be another tribe, which the Watongis (the name I gave them after they joined together!) that they’d have to make peace with!

by Georgia

Have a good time Y5′s

Hope you enjoy your last year at West Coker it’s gona be a good one.

by josh

Moving on

My time at west Coker has been very good and has boosted my confidence mainly because of lovely teachers and all the kind students here. When I go to Preston I will try my hardest to achieve as much as I can. West Coker is a brilliant school and that’s also why I will miss it.

By Oliver P


As you know the year sixes at our school are leaving  tomorrow to go to their secondary schools! We will all miss them very much but they have to moove on. The year sixes at our school aren’t the only ones leaving our beloved teacher Mrs.Webb is leaving aswell she will be missed lots as well as our year sixes.

good luck Mrs.Webb and the year sixes as you take the next step in your lives!!!!

by kiera