Something was coming up the lift, crouching down behind a shoe stand we waited. Suddenly the door slowly opened I could hear each heavy footstep. Quickly the main doors slammed close, then the footsteps descended back to the haunted lift. Surprised I let out a quite breath. As I herd the ancient mane doors close I got up onto my feet and danced silently. I was trying to figure out how I’d got into such a mess.
Early on in the day mum had sent me down to the local co-operative and royal orders for extra chocolate on her chocolate bar. On the way back home I couldn’t help looking at the ancient amusement park it was ready for demolition which was a shame because we’d played there for years, but it was also good because they were turning it into a new and improved one. Suddenly out the corner of my teeny-weeny eye I saw something in one of the ferris wheels carriages,it was a girl, a young girl,about the age of me. Then I realised that she was trying to say something,and it was “Help me if you can!” She shouted.
As I raced to the carriage I saw something shiny on the lock it was a padlock.”What’s the password!” I asked “It’s ka-boom!” Yelled the girl. “A loom!” “No KA-BOOM!!!” “Oh Ka-boom!” “Yes!” After that we were back on our way to dads when I couldn’t help looking at something dressed up in black, and was approaching an old lady, so I sprinted towards it the thing and took it down I took of its mask, but when I took it of there was nothing there. I searched everywhere even in the old lady’s bag. “That was it !” The girl screamed “That’s the thing that locked me in the carriage.
Suddenly I spotted it, it was running away, it was as fast as a cheetah. After a mile the thing slowed down so I was able to catch up but as I got close to it it started to get higher and higher and higher until my head was inline with its feet, it was flying. Just before it could get away I manage to grab hold of its legs and pull it back down to earth. As I pinned it down on the floor making sure it couldn’t get away I pulled out my phone and dialled nine nine nine and asked for police. As they arrived I revealed the face of the thing. As soon as I saw its face I was running for my life, screaming my head of AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
I grabbed hold of the girls hand and we ran back home. So Brandon where’s your mums bar, eying the girl secretly. When the girls dad arrived I couldn’t help noticing that it was dwight Yorke. It wasn’t just chips and peas for tea he took us all out for a big dinner.

Shockingly there I was in the local papers a saviour and a hero!


We were being chased by the mad gorilla, it jumped on the peculiar boy and I thought of what to do;the first thing I thought of was to punch it on the nose because it might be like a shark, so I did it. It was not happy as it ripped my arm off, I started to scream uncontrollably and put my jumper to the stump.
The girl found a freezing gun out of a guards pocket, picked it up, aimed and fired, the blast from the gun pushed the girl at least four metres back. The bullet exploded from the gun and hit the gorilla in the forehead . I then vowed never to go to the zoo again. My head hurt from the loss of blood. I could hear the sirens of the ambulance off in the distance as I fell into a deep slumber and dreamt of how this horror all began.

Surprisingly it was only three hours ago, it felt like three days, that I had left the gift shop, with all it’s Christmas decorations up, when I heard a grunt and a scrape like a car scraping against a wall but quieter. I looked over the edge of the cliff and saw a sight that made me think I was dreaming. An ape ripping people up and chucking them off the cliff and a handsome boy chained to the cliff and a beautiful girl chained next to him. That’s how it happened, I had climbed down and used a paper clip to free them and we ran down the cave the gorilla had found.

They had just told me that they were a rich family trying to help animals. They were at the zoo when the gorilla escaped and killed everyone except them and dragged them through that secret tunnel to chuck them off the cliff.

“We thank you a lot and hope you will take this suitcase filled with money,”the boy called Sam began to say.
“Thank you but no,it is what anyone would do,”I replied clutching my arm, what was left of it, in my hospital bed.
“No it is not!”argued the girl called Sadie,”but at least could you come to our hospital?”
“It would be my pleasure.”I softly replied.
Suddenly Sadie sat down and fell asleep I just hoped everything else would go according to plan but of course it would’nt.

By Nathan

The Mirror

This is my version of Kidnapped:

Someone or something was coming up the stairs. We ducked down behind a pile of books. My stomach felt like it was about to explode and my heart felt full with blood. Why is it always me?. The door opened then we saw some light from a lantern then the door shut. After that the thing went back down the stairs. I saw a window slightly opened we jumped out of the window and slithered down a pipe. I was trying to remember how I had got into such a mess.
It had only been two hours ago that mum had sent me down to the local Domino’s with a twenty pound note and strict orders for no mushrooms. On the way down to Domino’s I couldn’t help looking at the old abandoned house, it was ready for demolition which was a shame because I had always wondered about it. Then I saw it, a flash of light I wondered what was happening so I went to inspect.

When I had got in through the front door, I stepped up the old wood stairs. Then I saw a mirror just sitting therein a bedroom step by step I went closer to it. Each step I took I was scared. After that I saw some writing on the mirror. The writing said “Get me out of here!”.

A few seconds later I saw a ghost-like face, then for some reason it started to talk
” I’ll tell you about me later but first, get me free!”

” How?” I replied back

“With that potion, poor it over the mirror and say, be free!”.
So that’s what I did I poured the magic potion over the mirror and said be free. Then a girl stepped out of it.
“I am called Poppy and believe it or not I am a ghost, I’ll tell you my story, I was testing my powers to the fullest in my bedroom, then these kidnappers burst into my bedroom and vacuumed me up, and that’s how I’m here!”.

” What did the kidnappers want with you?” I replied back.

“They wanted my ghost powers, I always wanted wanted to be human so this doesn’t keep happening!”

“It’s happened to you before?”

“Yes millions of times!”

“We better get out of here then!”

So, there we were balancing on the wall as if we were like tight rope walkers, trying to get from one side to the other. Then we leaped of the wall, then she just stopped.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Where are we going, I don’t want to go back to my house!”

It was then that I had an idea we need to go to a cave that I know of, I just told her
“Follow me!”.
We walked to an old cave in there, there was a witch, she knew how to get rid of ghost powers. I smiled at Poppy and explained to the witch.

“This girl needs to get rid of her ghost powers!”

“Ok, to get rid of them you need to place your powers in this jar, to put your powers in this jar, simply just say put my powers into this jar three times and it will happen.”

So, that’s what Poppy did, then a flash of white happened again then she was just a normal human.

Or so Poppy thought.
We went back to my house on the way there we found out that Poppy still had some of her powers left. A few seconds later I rang the doorbell.Then the door opened it was my mum, she let us in.

“So James where’s the pizza?”

Because of the events that happened that day I forgot completely about the pizza. After that Poppy started crying I asked her,

“Why are you crying?”

“I never told you that my mum and dad are dead, I’ve got nowhere to go!”

Mum overheard us and said “You can live with us!”

Then I quickly jumped in and explained ” Let’s just call up Domino’s for a takeaway next time!”

To sum this story up, I played with Poppy all the time and she always pranked me, and I also had a perfect family but not a normal one.
The moral of this story is always call Domino’s up and ask for a takeaway, instead of walking up.

The End
By Poppy

The unexpected kidnap

The unexpected kidnap!

“Who,who is coming?” I asked the strange girl who was searching for me as if she was blind. A doormat the other end of the room swung open. A pause came and went then a lantern light filled the room, the light had beaten the darkness.

Whoever it was came right up close to us but he or her didn’t see us, then I whispered
“Phew, that was close.” As the light went out. The person was like a block of stone listening.

The they went out the door went ‘BANG’ behind them. As we tiptoed down stairs, down a long alley way like corridor and out the back door and ran for our lives.

It was only two hours ago, that my big sister Megan had sent me down to the market with some of our dad’s money and a shopping list for some things for dinner. As I was walking home the money jingling in my pocket. I could see a very old house, my favourite house, ready to fall down and be built into a mansion, I really liked that house I don’t know why I just don’t.

I thought I could see a light, ( I thought my mind was playing with me) but it was true I saw a light and a girl looked at me and said
“Save me,SAVE ME!”

Doing squeezed though a smashed window cutting myself a bit, it didn’t hurt, I was use to it. I ran to the attic, I ran to the basement and then I’d found her a petrified girl in a rather large bedroom.

She just finished telling me that she was the new girl in school Jolene and she was abandoned prisoner and the evil like, smelly and cruel kidnappers were the people that had abandoned her. So I took her hand and said
“come on, Jolene I’ll take you to my home.” And Jolene said
“Thank you.” As we ran like the wind to my house.

“Layla, who is this rat take her back where you found her and where’s the food!” Said Megan crossly at me and Jolene. Half an hour later Jolene’s dad arrived in a posh looking beetle.

That night, it wasn’t Megan’s horrible soup for tea instead Jolene’s dad took us out for a big roast dinner. The next day there I was in the local paper ( with a medal in a
packet) A HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Layla

Hi it is me, Georgia. I am a digital leader. Please can you use this link below. If you are on a laptop, right click it and click, open. If you are on an iPad hold the link and click open in new tab!! By Georgia Thank You!!

 The kidnappers chase

Somebody was sneaking up the stairs crouching behind a comfy fluffy bed we waited.somebody was flickering the lights.we were petrified he came closer to the bed but didn't find us,a few minutes later his footsteps descended the stairs . Relieved I let out a sigh.jumping out of the glossy window we landed in a pond of beautiful goldy Orange fish.I asked her name and she replied" I'm Bobetta Jammy,"she was the American presidents daughter.

What was she doing in my house and why was there a kidnapper.she told me everything , as we ran to my mum at the fish store."I was kidnapped and then they stuck a tracking device on me , but I ran away and clambered into your beautiful house , and then they tracked me but I think the tracking device broke in the pond."she said quietly 

When we got to the fish store and told my mum that Bobetta got kidnapped and I saved her. But the tracking device was not broken it was waterproof , because the kidnapper was here , mum quickly called the cops but they didn't come. The chase was on mum told us to get into the trolley while she pushed us. Mum was a famous athlete. We were going ten miles per hour. The kidnapper was on the move and followed us Bobetta was scared. When we got to the parking lot mum got us out of the trolley and we clambered into the car!

The kidnapper took out his daggers and threw them at the car it was a close aim but it missed and hit an old man blood was drooling everywhere as the old man fell to the ground with a bang!!! He got into his truck and tracked us.

Mum took the tracking device of Bobetta and threw it out of the car...
The kidnapper followed the tracking device and crashed into a few other cars he quickly legged it out of car until he thought it was safe...KABOOM all three cars exploded he thought he was safe but a car came flying through the air as quick as a cheater and crushed him!

Thomas and Bobetta were safe at their house. Half an hour later Bobettas dad arrived in a lambergini and took them all out for a big feast with a £50 pound note. Obviously the next day there I was in the local paper a hero!!!



2 hour ago they were 2 people called FredTEM and Dr Traysorus and one dog called skull crusher at the lab. It had only been 1 hour ago when Dr Traysorus took us down to McDonalds with 100.000.000 emeralds and strip orders for no salt on his fries.10 minutes later in our car we drove home. Later that night when we went to sleep we heard dognappers breaking in to our house. One day later we saw skull crusher gone dah dah daaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. FredTEM and Dr Traysorus decided to get skull crusher back. We looked every wear around town for 2 months. Let’s go home Dr Traysorus said. Wait said FredTEM I found they base. So they broke in to the base and found a disguise so they put on the disguise and knocked out the dognappers. I think we should make the lab out of obsidian tomorrow. The end.


Fred’s dognapper story


By Freddie North.




The Great Escape

We were running like we had never ran before. I turned around to see Flo hot on my heels. I shouted words of encouragement to help her as she was as red as a tomato and tiring quickly. I saw a house up ahead, it’s door wide open almost pleading us to step inside so me and Flo stepped inside, were extremely nervous. It turned out that we were being watched…

Earlier that day we had been out exploring the lanes around my house when I managed to persuade Flo to go in and see what we could play with. We had been in there for roughly an hour when we made a loud noise, to loud. We suddenly realised that we had company that we really did not want. So we dived under the bed just as a large head poked around the door. We waited for a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year but then the door closed. As we crawled out from under the rusty bed I started to explain to Flo how we were getting out of here.
“Ok Flo, I have thought about it and when I say we leg it out of this room and down the stairs, out the door and along the street, okay NOW!”I signalled. We both started to run out the room out the door out the garden out the gate, almost out the world. I turned around but only to see the terrifying sight that we were being chased!

This is where we came in we ran into a second bigger house. This time up the stairs and into the attic. We barricaded ourselves in so that we were slight safe.
“Oh great! What are we going to do now. I feel sick, I’m tried and and I think I am going to be sick!” Flo took a deep breath then grabbed a nearby bucket and it all came out.
“Are you okay, Flo. Do you think you are going to be sick again?”I asked
Flo shook her head gently.
“Okay good. Any way if you are okay with this then I have come up with a way to get out again! You see the bedsheets over there, well if we tie them together then we can tie one end to the window and shuck the other end out the window then we can abseil down,” I explained
“Right I um guess I could do that as it is the only way to escape!”
So we started to abseil, as our feet landed in the ground we instantly sprinted but only to have the worst luck and we, once again, were being chased! However this time our luck changed in a little Mini Cooper up ahead was mum!
“Mum, mum over here, come and get uuuusssssssssssss!”I hollered
We lept in with not a second to spare and I told mum to floor it.
“Girls, what on earth have you been up to?”mum asked

When we arrived home Flo’s mum was waiting for us with a Chinese in her hands and a worried expression on her face. As we collapsed on the sofa with our meals we started to recover. Just as I had finished and put my plate away mum called me
“Imi, Imi come on you and Flo are on the telly!”
Just as I entered a BBC reporter was talking about us and called our escape The Great Escape. I knew the popularity at school the next day would be a whole lot different…

By Milly

Kingsley and I

Kingsley and I

Somebody was rustling through the leaves, standing behind a tall tree we waited.I could feel my head banging like a hammer hitting a nail and my hands felt cold and wet like ice.Why was this awful thing happening to me.A tree wobbled and a bright light switched on.It was a chubby boy winking,I thought he was trying to be friendly.Then I started to think how I got into suck a pickle.

Then it came to me, it was about half an hour ago my step dad had sent me down to a large Chinese restaurant with a new twenty pound note and strict orders for spicy chicken with his rice.

Then it happened, I’d seen it a lovely cottage plonked on the side of the road.The cottage was ready for a bulldozer to knock it down which was a shame because it hade always cheered me up when I went to get my dad spicy curry.Thats when I saw it
that same light shining at the window.I had crept in round the back through an open gate and crawled through the wet leaves,then I bumped into a black figure it was that same boy who winked at me.
He whispered,”Help me then!” So I stood up and walked round the back of him and cut the rope with some bark I had found on the floor.He had only just finished blabbing on that he was from Canada and his name was Kingsley.

Surprisingly he was the guy who that cheese string advert.So there we were jumping over the silver gate as if we were doing the hurdles at the Olympics.A few minutes later we were back at dads
“So Em where’s the spicy chicken curry?” Staring at Kingsley weirdly,we sat on the sofa and had some curry.Two hours later Kingsley’s dad arrived in a posh,black car.We didn’t just have curry for tea he took us all out to palmers fish and chips.So there I was the next day in the local paper a super hero.After that me and Kingsley became best friends.
By Emily
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My adventure story

Stranger Danger

Something was about to happen : I could sense it. Slipping through an ally way , around the back of McDonalds, we listened. I could fe l my head pounding with fear. Turning around to look back I thought I saw a young man stood watching us. Almost stalking us because he was only a foot behind me as I wandered down the high street earlier . As we ran down the ally and sprung from our hiding place I was trying to remember how I had managed to mess things up again.

It had only been about five and a half hours ago when my mum had sent me down into town with fifty pounds and a very specific list of uniform to buy for my next school. I spent hours and hours and ages and ages looking at all the blazers ,socks,school shoes ,with heels of course and skirts trying just about every thing on when the shop assistance started getting cross with me so I bought my stuff and left. As for stepped I stepped out of the shop and carried my bag to the next shop I looked up and my eye caught sight of some thing . As I got closer I saw that it was a girl and she needed help.

That’s when it all kicked off . I’d handed a lady my shopping and kicked down the door to the flat above and ran up the stairs. About a minute later I had found her ,trapped, tied to a radiator. She had only just finished telling me that she was Sylvie and about the guy who was stalking me kidnapped her when we heard a scream come from the hairdressers below. We knew we had to run…
Please comment and let me know what you think a good ending for this story to be. There is an ending but still please let me know your endings! 👍🏻



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