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By Georgia

Social networking should be for ages 16 and over.

In my opinion social networking should be for ages 16 and over, due to the risks, such as: false accounts, uncontrollable swearing, life risking threats and long friendships come to an end. Others may believe they have lots of good outcomes, despite the risks, such as: encouraging life -long friendships, great and useful links to educational, charity or other interesting websites and more.

They do have good outcomes, however new friends could be false accounts or turn on you at any point. Links can often be inappropriate things for children or young teenagers, so for this reason agerestrictions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be highered.






Get Ready for Angles for Easter Term …

There should be a childrens day

Should there be a Childrens Day? Firstly I believe that like Mothers and Fathers Day there should be a Childrens Day to make children feel happy to be alive.

I understand that some peopl believe that every day is Childrens Day but I disagree. Children go to school five days a week and for kids that don’t like school it won’t be Childrens Day.

Remember it is certain that Childrens Day should be official. Remember in other countries like Japan and Turkey the have it. Remember us poor helpless children and all we want is a day for ourselves so Childrens Day needs to become a recognised day.

In my opinion it is a great idea to have Childrens Day for this reason, it will make children feel special which is important. Therefore Childrens Day needs to be considered!

I am sure that some people will believe me.Do you?Tell your friends and family about it. There needs to be a Childrens Day!

mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools

phones shouldn’t be allowed in primary and secondary schools.

Some believe that if you are in a lesson you could be texting and you wouldn’t be learning anything.

in my opinion if you are in a Chinese lesson and the teacher asks you how to say something in Chinese you could search it up.  ”Would you do something that naughty?” If I would do that I would lock my self up in my room.

the F.B.I believe that people shouldnt have phones because robbers could hack into the phone line and hear what they are talking about.

obviously I think that phones shouldn’t be allowed in primary and secondary schools.

by Brandon


My argument

Children between 7-15  should be able to get jobs.

Should children between 7-15 be able to get jobs?

In my opinion, they should. They need to be able to save up for things they need, or they will never learn how to do jobs or be able to earn a good, careful, lovely living.

Some children can’t get hired because they are not good at Maths, Science or are clueless about Technology, resulting in them not being able to get a job, organise a team project, and needing to get horrible, helpless loans, which they might not be able to pay back.

Obviously, some children work hard, and are able to get brilliant jobs, but some are extremely behind. A survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St Louis Community Collage finds that more than 60% of employers say that applicants lack communication and interpersonal skills, a jump of about ten percentage points in just two years. A wide margin of managers say applicants can’t think critically or creatively, work hard or write well.

The youngest a child can work is 13, but what if they need that job to support their family? Remember if you had a problem but couldn’t get a job? Remember if you needed it, but couldn’t?

For those things above, I think children between 7-15 should be able to get jobs because if they need it, or need the experience. I would want to get a job for the valuable experience it offers.

Also, children’s mums and dads will save lots of money, which can be spent on things they need.

By Georgia

Swear words shouldn’t be censored

Swear words shouldn’t be censored


Personally I feel that swear words shouldn’t be censored because people will come across them and they’ll just be a part of everyday life but without doubt some people won’t agree with me.


In my opinion, people over 10 years of age should be valid to hear swear words so that they can understand them and they know what not to say by trying to avoid swear words by being appropriate and not using swear words regularly.


Secondly, I think that swear words are a regular thing in life only as long as you either don’t mean it, say it by accident ore use them if you really have too, but, obviously, children might go around saying them to everyone because they don’t know what it means.


Everyone will know at least a few swears by the end of their life so does it really matter when they hear them in life? Do they really need to be beeped out in television programs and on songs? I personally feel that they don’t need to do that. However some people consider them extremely rude.


So, in my opinion I feel that swear words shouldn’t be censored because everyone will learn some throughout their life.

By Henry

I feel moon bear farming should be banned

Pleas note this is a sad letter.

Did  you know moon bear farming is not illegal  in some countries?

In  my opinion this shouldn’t be allowed  because  its too much cruelty. Obviously if this carry s on  Moon bears might come extinct.


Some people believe that moon bears should be farmed for their bear bile , and it is used for expensive wine , medicine and also hair products. Moreover  some scientist have found plants that do the same as bear bile .

Secondly , the bears are  harmed during the proses of taking the bear bile also taking of bear bile can lead to massive lumps and loss of arms and legs due to infection .To extracts the bear  bile  they stick metal tubes are stuck into  their tummy’s. Pleas note all of this is true .

Therefore  bear bile should be illegal .Please understand and stop bear farming.

By Jaz


My book I’m reading

Hear is my book blurb for the book I’m reading ,

London ,1940. Dodo  and her little brother do not know what has happened to their father . A Calvary officer.

Children should be allowed to drive.

Firstly kids at the age of twelve or over should be aloud to drive because they are responsible anoth to drive safely.

I feel that kids at the age of twelve should be allowed to drive because children would have freedom and go where they want and how they want parents wouldn’t have to drive them everywhere.

Although I wouldn’t know wher they where going or what they might be doing because it is quite a young age to drive.

If their parents wanted a loaf of bread or milk their children could go get it for them, because the parent could be disabled or had a broblem. But then again do you think that kids at the age of twelve should be aloud to drive to the shop, but what if they didn’t have enough money at the counte?

If the child wanted a friend to come over but they didn’t have a car you could pick them up,but I am sure that they could start acting irresponsibly and and cause an accident.

All kids at the age of twelve or ove should be alloud to drive because in my opinion they are responsible enough to know the danger and right actions on the road.

By Oliver.P


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