My argument 😱😱😱

11.02.16. Children under 13 should be allowed to have Facebook.
I think children under 13 should be allowed Facebook because they can make new
friends. I also think it’s a good website because people who don’t have friends can make friends and feel better about themselves.

I think all they will do is play games and chat to their friends. I think that Facebook is a good utensil for making new friends.

Some people think children shouldn’t be allowed Facebook because they are rude and it’s a bad influence. Others think that the friends they accept to be their friends could be a bully. Some people think they will be very irresponsible with their acts.
Where other people think it’s a bad utensil because of cyber bullying.

Favourite food

what is your favourite food?

My favourite is pineapple pizza.

From Dan

Half term


New #

Hi everyone, I have created a new hashtag


Rugby 6 nations

England vs Scotland and England won 15-7!


Chelsea vs Manchester United

Last Saturday Man Utd played agents Chelsea the score was 1-1

i hope Man Utd will win there next match

what’s you favourite football/soccer team

Fred story

Our New Quad-blog!

As you’ve probably seen, we’re in a quad-blog with 3 other schools in the USA. We’ve already commented on some of their work and they have commented on ours.

By Robbie 👍

Favourite emojis

Which is your favourite emoji


  1. 😜
  2. 😱
  3. 😎
  4. 😂

if it is not one of these then comment down below on witch one is your favourite/s


by Emily



Saturday 30th January

I saw my favourite band called “Moscow Drug Club” and and I ❤️  the whole night and in the interval I met the singer and only girl Katya and she said ” I am dedicating a song to our youngest member tonight and the song is Instanbul not Constantinople!” and I ended up crying. 😹

from Layla


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