William Shakespeare

Today (23 April) is William Shakespeare’s birthday but the thing is Mr Shakespeare died on his birthday too so he died on the most special day – his birthday; he was an amazing writer though and in voyagers we love his books.william shakespeare quotes 5 William Shakespeare

Sayings for today from William Shakespeare.william shakespeare quotes 11

 If something goes wrong life still goes on so….

  B y Jaz

School Crossing Patrol

Last Friday, our school lollipop lady (Jill) was awarded with a long service medal because she has been working here for 5 years and I hope that she stays for another 5 because she’s really nice.

By Henry

Our school won a PRIZE!

A couple of weeks ago Henry,Nathan and Ollie P won us a prize of sports equipment for sports day we got things like  a finish line some trophies some medals and so on  everything arrived on Monday and it was really surprising and Ollie C,Joe H,Ollie P, Henry and Nathan are sorting it out that is the latest gossip of our school.




By Ollie C

Our Science Lesson

Our science lessons this term are about evolution and inheritance. For science we had to bring in photos of our birth parents or grandparents. We were looking at our characteristics which are what we have in common with our parents, for example I have blue eyes and so does my mum and dad, my dad has brown hair and so do I. At the start of the lesson we looked at the pictures of our parents and had to guess who’s parents they were, some of the pictures were of when our parents were little and some were of what they look like now. Even Mrs Middleton brought her parents pictures in. When we were writing in our books we had to write about our characteristics and how we were unique, I was unique because I can bend my toes back really far and my parents can’t.And that was our first Science lesson on evolution and inheritance.

By Katie

Book Choices

Today we had a book vote for story share I voted for Awful Auntie and the author David Walliams who is a great book writer unfortunately didn’t get the votes the book Wanted: The Haunted Mask so it was very unfortunate it didn’t get the votes it needed.


By  Liam


Tales of Tory and the Greece

Long ago , in a little island called Ithaca , on the west coast of Greece , there lived a king and laertes .  His kingdom was small and mountainous . People used to say that Ithaca  lay like a  shield upon the sea  , which  sounds as if it were a flat country . But in those times shields were very large , and arose in middle of two peaks by a hollow tree.


By Jaz

What book are we going to read in class?

In class we have been choosing each others books to see which book we want to read in class and a goosebumps book  called WANTED: The haunted mask but not everyone wanted to read it so that is why I am writing this so that you can read this book a see what you think of it.

I voted for this book because it looks like a really good book and the blurb looked really interesting so that is why I voted for this book, you can join me. If you read this book and like it you can simply comment on this piece of writing and let me know what you think did you like the part when… probably shouldn’t spoil it for you but if you do read it tell me what you thought of it.

By Kayley


Knock knock. whose there interrupting cow. interrupMOOO.

doctor doctor I feel like a pair of curtains. PULL YOUR SELF TOGETHER MAN!

Knock knock whose there banana banana who Knock knock whose there banana banana who Knock knock whose there banana banana who Knock knock whose there orange orange who orange you glad I didn’t say banana.


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