Book Review

Title: A Thousand Water Bombs

Author: TM Alexander




There is only six days left to fill a thousand water bombs for the summer fair, and Copper Pie goes off with Tribers arch enemy! Will it be a disaster or will they save the day?


Characters: The Tribers- Bee, Jonno, Kenner, Fifty and Copper Pie. Always have fun getting in and out of adventures.

Callum- The meanest bully in school.


My Opinion: This is a great story for people who love adventure books so I would say read this book. It’s brilliant it is one of the best books I read and it won the Hull Children’s book award.


Recommend: I would recommend this book for 8-12 year olds. After you have read this book give it to a friend or a relative because its great.


I hope you have enjoyed this and please read the book.

By Joe.


book Reveiw

Book Review

Title: Holes
Author: Louis Sachar


There’s a boy called Stanley who digs holes. Stanley gets sent to a camp where he haves to dig hole for a punishment.

Mr Sir and the worden, Stanley Yelnuts, Zero, Xray, Armpit, Barf Bag, Sanleys dirty rotten no good pig stealing great grandfather. Zero is my favourite character because he is funny and I like his personality.

My Opinion:

I loved the book because it had a good flow, I also loved the part when the boots fell on Stanley and hit him on the head.


I would recommend this book to my friends aged around 9 to 10 because of some of the actions that happens.

By Oliver P

The world of norm

Plot: There is a boy called Norm and he is trying to pimp up his bike. It was interesting because Norm is a stupid character.


Characters: Norm is the main Character and he is my fravorite character because he is hiding secrets.


My opinion: I enjoyed the book because it’s a funny book to reed. I like the book because he has got two younger brothers.


Recommend: i would recommend it to a friend because not many people reed it. I think the age of it would be 7+

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My Book Review on Granny by Anthony Horowitz by Nathan


A book that says the complete opposite of kind, loving grannies.


This book is something different, something that goes from very good to very bad so I would call it a…strange book.


Every boy has his granny different from the rest and Joe has the worst and Granny isn’t just a granny. She takes him to a granny convention. What is going to happen to him?


I enjoyed this book because it is sneaky and you just want to keep on reading.


I would recommend this book for 8-12 because it can be quite gory and spooky at some points but really I think any age would enjoy this book.

Diary of a wimpy kid book review

Diary of a wimpy kid book review

There is a 12 year old boy called Greg. I find it interesting because it has lots of twits.

The main, main characters are Greg, Rowley and Holly. My favourite character is Rowley because he says random things.

I enjoyed this book because it has tons and tons of twits and terns. The thing I most liked about this book is that there are two important main characters. There are 7 main characters altogether.

I would recommend this book because its fun to read and suitable for all ages. Have fun reading!

By Jacob

diary of a wimpy kid movie 7158 Diary of a wimpy kid book review

Oliver Twist Book Review By Robbie

Oliver Twist Book Review

This book is by Charles Dickens.


This book (of course!) is about a young boy called Oliver Twist, who lived in a workhouse, and was fed only a horrible mushy porridge that they were forced to eat called gruel. A whole load of commotion starts when Oliver asks…    “Please Sir, I want some more…”


All of the main characters in this Dickens novel are: Oliver: an orphan in search for parents,

Dodger: a swift pick-pocket boy,

Fagin: the leader of the pick pockets,

Nancy: a pick pocket who hates doing it.

My favourite character is Oliver because he is very enthusiastic.


I would strongly recommend this book to the elderly because it has language in it that they would understand. This book does not have rude language so it is safe for children.


I think this book is a nine out of ten because I didn’t understand some of it, whereas, I also think it was tense and worrying.


By Robbie icon smile Oliver Twist Book Review By Robbie


My Book Review Title: Demon Dentist Author: David Walliams


The plot is where two of the main characters (Alfie and Gabz) that are determined to stop the Demon Dentist (Miss Root). Every thing in this book is extremely gripping and you always want to read on.





The main characters are Alfie, Gabz, Miss Root, Dad and Winnie. My favourites are Gabz and Winnie. Gabz is really funny and always has an answer for everything.. Winnie is funny because she dresses strangely with her pink top, her bright green leggings, her blinding yellow handbag and her sickly purple shoes.




In my opinion the thing that made the book so amazing is all the twists and turns. Towards the end it gets a bit sad but he last few chapters are happy. If you read it then you will never know what is about to happen.




I would recommend this book for kids 7+. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends because I wouldn’t want them to miss out on such an awesome book.


By Milly

My book review

Billionaire Boy

By David Walliams


Plot: Joe is a billionaire but he still isn’t happy so that then he decides to go to the local school in hope of making a new best friend. Throughout the story there are many plot twists and turns which makes you hang on the edge of your seat and it makes you want to read on more and more.


Characters: the main characters in this story are Joe, Bob, Mr Spud and the Grubbs.

My favourite character is Joe because he is very funny and he has a light and bubbly personality. He is a very important character and he is always trying to help people and make things better for everyone.


My Opinion: I love this book because it is a book with a meaning and it gives out a very strong story. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from happy moments to sad moments in just a few moments. Also I love the fact that Joe inside is an ordinary boy and he doesn’t feel that he’s better than the next person. It is also like he is a normal person because he goes through rough patches quite a lot at his local school and at home which I like because quite a few  people are worried like Joe is in real life and I feel that this book would give them a confidence boost.


Would I recommend it? : Yes, I would definitely recommend it to people who are over the age of 7 years because then they will understand the text and they will understand the story behind it and the values of the book.


By Henry Carver

My book review on Holes

In the book holes Stanley Yelnats and his fellow diggers have to dig one hole a day at camp green lake. The boys are led to believe that if you get a bad boy and tell him dig holes it turns him into a good boy, but is that true?

By Louis Sachar

In the book the main characters are; Stanley Yelnats the first, second, third and forth, Kissing Kate, Hector and his great, great, great grandma


I really enjoyed the book holes because it is full of adventure. I enjoyed the suspense most because it is very dramatic.


I recommend this book to people who like adventure and shock. I aim this book at the age group eight and over due to some gory bits.


By Kiera


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