The one wish



Not that long ago there was a little girl called Hetty.Hetty hadn’t had the greatest past but she was determined to change that as she grew into an adult. On her twenty first birthday she told her foster parents that she wanted to get a job. She had some sort of an idea of what she wanted to be. She got that job. A news reporter.


Shortly after she got her first assignment, so she drove and she drove and she drove until she left Wales and arrived in London. Her first assignment was to do a report on the queen breaking the record of the longest raining monarch.


When she got to her hotel she pulled her note pad out of her stuffed suitcase and started to write what she was going to say.


At last Tuesday came. The day of filming

“Welcome to the news I am here today at Buckingham palace where the queen has officially broken the record for the longest raining queen.”

But then she paused at the faint sound of a dog barking. She told the TV crew to stay where they are while she tip toed over to where she thought the sound was coming from.

Slowly pulling the bushy leaves away she saw one of the queens corgis…


By kiera

Queen of the animals

Once not that long before now, there lived an extremely kind loving girl names Issie. She was so rich that she even bought a magnificent mansion so she could make the rooms in to habitats for all the animals that she adopted.


One bright, sunny morning she sauntered out and looked up at the sun, it was like a golden football floating in the sky. She was on her way to go and check on her killer whales when she heard splashing and spluttering. As Issie glanced over her shoulder she saw a turtle I one of the spare lakes struggling, as this was life or death, trying to keep its nose out of the water. Naturally Issie sprinted like a race horse at the starting gates to go and save the turtle. Issie knelt down at the edge of the bank and cautiously and carefully scoped up the turtle out of the murky water. This was the best decision she ever made!

“Thank you for saving me! Because you did what you did I will give you this four leaf clover. Make a wish and as long as you have it in your hand it WILL come true,” the turtle told her turning away. So on Issie’s way back she dropped in to check on her only pony and ask for advice. “Pony, pony if you have one four leafed clover what would you wish for?! Issie pleaded.

“I would wish for more ponies to hang out with because I get lonely sometimes because I am the only pony.,” so Issie carried on taking in what the pony said So next she jogged over to see her hamsters.

“Hamster, hamster if you had one four leaf clover what would you wish for,” Issie prompted

“I would wish for a house made of food because if you think about it who can have too many sweets!” the hamster giggled. So Issie moved on once more think deeply. So she moved on to go and pay a visit to her dogs.

“Dog, dog if you had but one wish what would it be?” Issie egged on

“I would wish for and everlasting bone,” the dog dribbled at the thought. So once again Issie moved on still clasping te clover tightly in her hand unlit she stopped suddenly. She had and idea. At first it was a slight one, however before long she knew what she had to wish for. So she made her wish.

“I wish to see five new ponies standing next to a hamster ying in a house made of ‘hey hey hamster’ food, talking to a dog eating an everlasting bone.”

Then Issie heard a sound that made her grin from ear to ear. It was the sound of horses neighing to each other…


By Milly

My Story… By GEORGIA

Trouble In Paradise…


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, lost, survival expert called Alexandria. Who was so lost, she couldn’t find the trees she marked earlier. She was so lost, that her 12 year old son, Robo, couldn’t find a signal on his Iphone 6


Early one humid, sunny morning, Alexandria went out to mark some more trees. The snow from the night before had melted away. The trees dripped with watery dew.

To Alexandria’s surprise, she heard an extremely strange noise. Alexandria followed it. she found a hot pink, baby pig, caught in the bushes. Hugging the pig, she set it free. To her amazement, it turned around and spoke to her…

“Alexandria, I am the King of the wild, baby pigs. For setting me free, I shall grant you one wish. Come back when the sun is high and wide, and tell me your heart’s wish,” The pig then trotted away noisily.

All evening, Alexandria paced around the tent, wondering what she should wish for. In the end, an old, weird woman waddled along by her tent. Alexandria was feeling charitable, so she asked…

“Woman, woman, if you had but one wish, what would it be?”

“I’d wish to see my family again, especially my son, Alex Derigado.”

Alexandria was stunned. Her son’s father was called Alex Derigado. But she thought, “It can’t be!”

So, she went back to pacing around the huge tent.

But then, her 12 year old son, Robo, came out of the boiling tent.

“Robo, Robo, if you had but one wish, what would it be?” whispered Alexandria.

“I’d wish to see my father again. I have only seen him once!”

Alexandria was about to say no, but then her son gave her the puppy dog eyes that got him the Iphone 6.

So, stupidly, she said yes, even though she was saying no in the mind.

She sent her son back inside the huge tent.

She continued pacing up and down. Then she heard a high pitched, girly scream. Alexandria ran to a fallen tree.

There was a man stuck under the branch. Carefully lifting the branch off him, she bellowed [even though he was right next to her!]

“Man, Man, if you had but one wish, what would it be?”

“I’d wish for a stack of silver

For my silver store. I am running out and my business is going down,” he whispered.

The old, mysterious woman was right, but so was her youthful son, and so was the creepy man.

She didn’t know what to wish for.

Finally it was midday. The sun was like a golden coin, shimmering in the sky.

Soon, Alexandria her the trotting of little trotters. The luscious pig was here! The pig called out…

“What is your wish?” Alexandria replied,

“I wish for the woman, to see my son’s family, with a stack of silver delivered to the man!”

“Fabulisso wish!” the pig replied He turned and trotted away.

Carefully, Alexandria made her way back to the tent, even though it was a clear path. She heard a sound she never heard before. It was the sound of her son laughing!

King Of Sparkles

In the 21st century there was a normal pretty girl called Lily that was a teacher. She was so normal that her quiet pupils sat in their chairs like little angels. When it was Lily`s  break she skipped for a walk to her house then she came back to the school, she spied a rainbow Uni-dog, trapped in a horrible vegetable cage.

Setting the Uni-dog free, the Uni-dog randomly spoke to her ” For setting me free out of that horrible vegetable cage, I grant you one wish!”

“Come back in about two hours and tell me what you would like.” So hearing that, Lilly ran home she thought about it for a while, then thought she should ask what the other noisy people want. She quietly talked to her mean brother, about what he wants, and he carefully explained “I would like some money so I can buy what I want.” Just then her nice sister came in so Lily asked her what she wants ” I want a pet dog to bring happiness to our lives!” Lily thought about both these things but at that exact moment her father came in. She asked her father what he wants, her father shouted ” I wish to be friends with Darth Vader because it would make me so happy!”

Lily thought and looked at the old clock it was already two hours now, she quickly rushed down near the school. There she met the Uni-dog

The rainbow Uni-dog whispered silently “What would you like?” Lily did not know what to say but then she knew what to say.

“I wish for money shaped like a bowl , with a pet dog and Darth Vader’s number in it ?”

“Weird wish but if its what you want!” then the Uni-dog pooped some coloured smarties and flew of. the happy teacher went back to her house. She heard the sounds of screams of Happiness.

The End

By Poppy




Harvest festival prayer

Dear god,

Help us to think about harvest, and to wish all of those farmers the best.
Help us to think about them when we eat, and to thank them for growing this growing this wonderful treat.

Carrots, potatoes and broccoli galore, we pick it up, prepare our jaw, thanking our family for cooking this meal, and please, inside, make us feel, happy for harvest, happy for fun, as we lay the meat down on our bun, we run round the house for the beautiful sight, and we think about the farmers, as we take a bite. Now as this prayer comes to an end, we think of the farmers, as our friends.

By Robbie

Harvest poem

H is for helping people less fortunate than us.

A is for a lovely juicy Apple orchard in the Autumn fields.

R is for ripe fruit growing In someone’s garden.

V is for violet berries dangling from a bush.

E is for excellent egg fruit seeds planted in a moist vegetable patch.

S is for scrumptious star fruit juicy and sweet.

T is for tomato waiting for someone to pick it.

by Dan

We praise you God…

We praise you God for golden laces,

We praise you God for gentle mists

We praise you God for for fruit and veg

We praise you God for family and friends

We praise you God for the world

By Ciara

My harvest poem by kiera

Dear lord

Help us to remember people that are not as lucky as us at harvest. Help me to make sure that I don’t take the food on my plate for granted and don’t waste precious food that other people might enjoy.

Please allow the farmers that grow our food know that we thank them very very much for their hard work and we pray that we will all forever know who provides us with yummy food.

A men


harvest prayer

Dear God

Thank you for the animals that jump in joy all around us and for all the creatures great and small.

Let us call on God for food for every one less fortunate than and let us hope the refugees are all right at the end of the fight.

Thank you for the crops that grow and the rain that falls and the sun that heats.
Thank you for our lives and let us be grateful for what we are given and what we eat.
Thank you for the delicious mangos grapefruit and all the scrumptious fruit and veg.

Please keep our families, friends and loved ones safe. And watch over them always now and for ever amen.


Harvest prayer

 Father god


                                                                                                                                   At this harvest time we

 Thank you for all the

Good things you give us on

Our plates and what you

Provide us with.

Help us to share the

Harvest with everyone who

Is not as lucky as us.



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