The Voyager Class of West Coker Primary

Mrs M-H's Class of Years 5 & 6

one misty morning

Posted by olliepwc32 on Apr-2-2014

One misty morning

One misty morning
When the sun was yawning.
A sad day, a horrible day
It was a sorrowful morning in may.
I was all alone, no dog to walk or stroke
So I sadly ate an egg yolk

By Oliver.p

sunset in somerset

Posted by joshuawc11 on Apr-2-2014

Sunset in Somerset



Sunset in Somerset, pretty and mighty

As the sun sets she walks feeling almighty

When we wait for her to set

The musician finds the right fret

And the bees fly through the blossom trees

 They automatically freez

A wet weekend

Posted by kayleywc13 on Apr-2-2014



A wet weekend

Softly, Stelthly rain comes down

Moving around on the ground,

Slippery sloops o so wet

Now the rain is starting to set,

Splashing in puddles, getting so wet

Drying of with my pet,

Sipping a mug of hot chocolate

Blasting up in my rocket,

Rain drops filling the sky

You’ll love this best of all I never lie,

I land on the moon, the moon has a face

The moon is wet, it starts talking, so I give him a race

By Kayley

A Wet Weekend

Posted by liamwc36 on Apr-2-2014

A Wet Weekend

By Liam Trott



Instantly, the raindrops fall,

There is no where to play football,

Wellingtons plodding in the puddles

And some people get a few wobbles

The raindrops fall on my head

When I get tired I go to bed

In the middle of the night

I get a massive fright

It gets really cold

And instantly the raindrops do fall

A wet weekend:)

Posted by meganwc34 on Apr-2-2014

Cloudy, loudly now the rain

Taps on the window pane

Look at all the wet puddles

The fun and giggles

Running with my umbrella trying to fly

And say goodbye

Walking my dog in my yellow Dr.Martens

Going through the lanes

Flowers getting fed

Now I think I need to go to bed.


One Misty Morning.

Posted by joehwc23 on Apr-2-2014

One very misty morning

Everyone suddenly turned boring ;

I think the thunderous clouds were really sad

And the clouds made me very mad ;

One by one the clouds kept coming

Through the morning the clouds were humming,

Now it is nearly miday

The clouds have finally gone away.






By Joe.H

South Somerset Music Spectacular

Posted by danielwc10 on Apr-2-2014

On Tuesday 1st April 2014, KS2 at West Coker Primary School went to the South Somerset Music Spectacular at Westlands Leisure Complex. We sang two songs, Under Pressure and Another One Bites The Dust (Both by Queen). We all felt nervous before but we still tried our best. One child quoted ” It was really fun doing all the singing, we really enjoyed it.”

By Daniel

One Misty Morning

Posted by olliecwc18 on Apr-2-2014

Magically in the morning ,

When the day and the mist were yawning;

The mist and sun kept fighting,

But then the mist started bighting;

The next day the next mist woke up,

But then it didn’t shut up;

As the sun started to float to school

And then the sun started to druel

But then my toy ran out of luck,

Because the window through it out the window and fell in some muck;

But then no surprise the window ate some cheese,

Unfortunately the window got stung by a pile of bees.



By Ollie C

Sunset in Somerset

Posted by lusawc10 on Apr-2-2014

A wet weekend

Posted by hannahwc19 on Apr-2-2014

Drizzly, drafty, floats the cloud

Chucking water balloons all around;

Hear and there puddles are

Scattered across the land and far;

Splash, splash, splash goes a puddle

It’s getting me wet, I need a cuddle.