There was two people who went to disney land, and on the sign  it said disney left.

so the people started crying and drove back home.

ha! ha! jokes

Q. If a lemon is heart who do they phone for help.

A. lemon-aid

Q. Say silk 10 times really quickly. What do cows drink

A. water

Q. what colour is a red house, what colour is a yellow house what colour is a green house

A. red,yellow and see throw

Q. what did the chick say when his cage broke

A. cheap cheap

by Brandon

At the weekend…

At the Weekend I am going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. It will be good because on Saturday I am going shopping with my Aunty and Grandma to get some new shoes for my relative’ wedding. It is in under two weeks!!!


please comment to say what you are doing at the weekend.  We’d love to know !!!

by Georgia

Best Footballers Ever

1. Lionel Messi

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Pele

4. George Best

5. Diego Maradona

Whos your fravrouite footballer?

By Joe

It’s my birthday

Today it is my b-day that means birthday I got some heeleys and a camera with a bunch of cloths and some loom bands  and some  cases with charms and beads it is the best birthday and it is amazing .

By Jaz

New species found!

on May 1st a new species of frog was discovered.

the Hyalinobactrachium Dianae is a new species of glass frog.

credit: Brian kubicki Costa Rican

scientist say that it would look exactly like kermit if it was a puppet

End of SATS week!!!!!

I’m so happy we have no more tests now! Finally SATS week is over and it time to relax.

by Milly

Willow patterns

At the moment we are taking pictures of our willow patterns which we finished in January . We are taking pictures so we can stick them in our art books so we can look back on what we have achieved.

By Jaz

A bad joke

Q.why was 6 frightened of 7

a.because 7 8 9

Good bye tests!

As some of you know this week is test week. Some of you may of been doing your SATS or just suffering horrible tests. I wish you all the best of luck!

year sixes at our school have just done their SATS.

Well done year sixes


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